2010 Jerez Moto GP – Lorenzo The Winner

2010 MotoGP race at Jerez was Repsol Honda rider Like Ordinary, Dani Pedrosa is the most Responsive drivers at start let alone supported position at the forefront of Grid Start plus pole position time. Followed behind Valentino Rossi after the start of the start to the fourth position. Stoner finished in fifth position behind Hayden and his friends at Ducati Fiat Yamaha Rider Lorenzo.

At mid race Lorenzo succes Success overtake Hayden, Lorenzo increasingly action craze. Contrast With Rossi, he looks to slow her speed.Pedrosa had approached the front ranks, veteran of Italy even before the end of the race trail.and the duo marco, Marco Melandri and Marco Simoncelli equally defend sancarlo Gresini team. Both Marco from Italy was fighting for position to seventh.

Should reply honestly, the atmosphere at the Moto GP race less exciting than the middle of watching the race Moto2. . . moto GP race in Jerez was very rarely seen following the inter-action to meet another rider. The position of the leading five riders each other quite distance stretched. On Lap 19, Lorenzo began to look at the back The Doctor, looking for gaps to be able to become an increasingly front. And on lap 20 began to follow one after another action between the two manufacturers Yamaha rider was happening. On Lap 21 Lorenzo managed to overtake Valentino in a corner to the Right, whereas now with Pedrosa distance of about two seconds. . . Can Lorenzo’s repeated battles with the rider reunion one appointment in the GP 250?

Lorenzo looks increasingly tight with his M1 gas. . . This can be evidenced by the narrowing gap between two different manufacturers spain this Rider. Battle Vs Honda Yamaha followed one after another begins!? Even until Valentino Rossi had never been inside the camera focus. And finally Pedrosa Out wide. . . Back in the corner where the fuel spilling on start1 tomizawa Moto2. . . Lorenzo was not wasted this opportunity and took the first podium followed by Pedrosa, Valentino Rossi, Hayden, Stoner and Dovizioso. . . Fantastic Lorenzo, in the race this time he overtook four world champions: Stoner-Rossi-Hayden (MotoGP world champion) and world champion Pedrosa GP 250. . .

Accidents happen newcomer Ben Spies. Former champions World Superbike (WSBK) was unable to complete the race due to tire problems, Similiary with Loris Cappirossi who suffered an accident.

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