Modifikasi Mio Soul Radical Fighter

YAMAHA MIO SOUL ‘in 2007, Kotabaru, South Kalimantan

Radical Fighter

Mendoan City, Purwokerto, Central Java’s storehouse of creative and innovative people. As this workshop Win’s Paddock, who had his name Wiwin, it was he who first introduced the new modifications in domestic convencional mode and scooter.

Wiwin first fighter ever to make a convencional mode, and scooter fighter. This time it was different again, more crazy! USA style captured Fighter. “So, are significantly different from the concept of European-style,” said a participant Wiwin from tabloid Otomodify of fresh ideas, he also managed to get a modifier that two awards in 2008 best-modified version of the tabloid Ototrend (Ototrend 414th edition, March 2009 ).

Look at her figure was not going to thought Mio Soul 2007 birth year, changed its quasi-total, instead of iron like a male horse. So Oto2 call scooter design very radical. So-called “radical fighter!”

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