Honda Airblade 110 PGM-Fi, Honda New Weapon

Well … it seems the market is going to be promising scooter … and will continue to ‘growth’ fastly …! This scooter market .. going … slowly but surely erode and defeat the convensional mode …! not surprised … Yamaha is already a ‘market leader’ in the scooter segment, so desperately to maintain its dominance …! Honda actually has a fairly sophisticated technology in this segment … but maybe because the issue price and lose market penetration … had to settle for being runner up in this segment …! But slowly looks … Honda manufacturer gives a fairly fierce resistance … and in Thailand Honda Air Blade with injection technology …! : D

The Honda Air Blade is the latest addition to the fleet of Honda motor bikes available in Thailand at the moment. The Honda Air Blade designed by Kaoru Hayashi and his team is one of the sleekest of the scooter style motor bikes available on the market.

The Honda Air Blade with its sharp wide beam twin headlights has numerous features that make it one of the best value and most reliable motor bike, the Honda Air Blade is a strong competitor on a highly competitive motorcycle market.

The Honda Air Blade’s 110cc four-stroke engine with built-in liquid cooling is compact but packs more horsepower than a standard 125cc air-cooled automatic motorcycle engine. Ride comfortably, confidently and smoothly at all speeds with the efficient new V-Matic belt-drive transmission that uses a long-lasting reinforced steel belt.

One of the newest safety futures is the installed Combi-Brake technology distributes braking power between the front and rear wheels when only the left brake lever is activated. The motorcycle comes to a stop within a shorter distance with both wheels handling the braking. Additional, the Honda Air Blade is equipped with a Parking Brake system which works in the same way as a car’s hand brake.

The engine is actual a 4-stroke SOHC 108cc cylinder with a compression ratio of 11:1 with a 50mm bore and a 55mm stroke and a CDI ignition.

The 103 kilogram Honda Air Blade comes in two versions, the NC110AC and the NC110AS. The main difference between the two is that one comes with aluminum-magnesium alloy wheels an the other with spoked wheels. The rear suspension uses a single swingarm with two shock absorbers which contributing nicely to the motorcycle handling and braking, the Honda Air Blade is all about driving pleasure. The front suspension is what we find with most motorcycles, a telescopic fork with not much to tell about, other that we cannot complain about the road handling of this latest Honda motorcycle.

The tail light is made up from high power LED lights, which are clearly seen from far away. The new positions of the fuel tank, which makes it easier to fill the motorcycle, but it needs some getting used to. I’m sure you will see many first time Honda Air Blade drivers opening the seat. The new position of the gasoline tank also gives more space for personal belongings under the seat.

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