New BMW S1000RR 2010 With Several increasing and addition

Making 193bhp and 83lb/ft of torque, the 2010 BMW S1000RR is the most powerful 1000cc production bike on the market. More importantly, weighing 183kg dry and 204kg fully fueled, it also has the best power-to-weight ratio. Troy Corser just took the wraps off the production BMW S1000RR in Monza, the bike will go on sale in most markets, including the US, in January.

We’ve been covering the S1000RR, BMW’s SBK contender, since last April. We’ve published way too much info, images and analysis to reprint here, but you can find it all on our BMW tag page.

the addition of a four-in-one Akrapovic exhaust system, and body dripping in carbon fibre. The base S1000RR retails in America for $13,800, but the bikes we’d be riding were equipped with BMW’s optional electronic rider aids. As with 98% of S1000RR pre-orders, our bikes had the $1,480 traction control and Race ABS option, plus the $450 Gearshift Assistant that allows full-throttle upshifts without backing off the throttle or using the clutch. The only thing missing from a fully optioned RR is the white, red and blue BMW Motorsport color, a $750 option that has been selected in about 50% of pre-orders thus far. The test bikes were flavored in a unique Acid Green Metallic, but other color choices include a classy Mineral Silver Metallic or a sinister Thunder Grey (black) Metallic

Advanced technology features heavily on the S1000RR. Base models include electronics that influence power and throttle response over four possible modes: Rain, Sport, Race and Slick. It’s simple to select while stationary, but they can be changed even while riding. A press of the nicely damped right-side switchgear selects the desired mode, then you have 60 seconds in which to close the throttle and pull in the clutch which triggers the new mode you’ve chosen.

The Dynamic Traction Control/ABS option (either of which can be disabled if desired) adds to the four riding modes a few other rider aids, including varying ABS settings and a form of wheelie control. Wheel-speed sensors supply info for the ABS and traction control, and a gyro mounted under the seat provides additional data to the bike’s ECU to influence throttle response and to provide a measure of wheelie control.

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